Who We Are and What We Do

Hi! We're Upstate.Media –

A performance-based digital agency specializing in e-commerce marketing and conversion rate optimization.

We generate profitable leads, grow ROI, and scale your sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Thought 2% conversion rate on your store was good enough? Think again! For our clients, we turn that 2% CR into 5-7%, at scale.

Getting only 10% on your sales funnel? We can help with that too.

Facebook Ads

We turn every $1 spent on Facebook into $5 of revenue.

Instagram Ads

We won’t just run a few Instagram campaigns for you, but develop and execute an entire strategy on how to turn your account into one of your most profitable sales channels.

Email marketing

Email is one of our favorites channels. It’s almost always underutilized, and still viciously underrated by most of the companies, but we believe that it’s where at least 35% of your revenue should come from.

Influencer Marketing

Don’t know how to work with influencers and where to find them? We have access to the pool of more than a 100 of high-quality (with high engagement rate too) personally vetted influencers in almost every niche.

Funnel Building

Funnel building is our passion, and if you still don’t use them in your marketing, you’re missing out on a large chunk of an extra revenue!

Complex E-commerce Solution


Have a great product?

But don't know how to start successfully selling it online?

Let us make your life easier and develop a custom done-for-you e-commerce solution: from building your high-converting online store on Shopify to establishing long-term relationships with the right influencers, and everything in between.

You can focus on what you do best – your product, and we will take care of your online sales.

Comprehensive Conversion Audit


Website is not converting? Find out why!

We will analyze your website, build a detailed report, and create a custom, data-driven conversion rate optimization solution, designed specifically for your e-commerce business!

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Why Choose Us?


Quality and integrity

If we do something, we do it well. So you won’t need to worry “Will it actually work?” – it will.



We use custom built in-house tools to ensure that we always have a competitive advantage and that we can deliver the best possible results.


ROI and Profit Driven

We don’t believe in vanity metrics, that’s why we always focus on quality over quantity, on healthy profit margins over larger revenue and less, but higher quality customers versus more of those that will lead to chargebacks and drive your customer support crazy.


Full Transparency

We always provide transparent and highly detailed monthly/campaign reports (they are custom built too, so you’ll actually understand them).

Among Our Clients


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